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Experienced Divorce Attorney

Greg Gegenheimer When you are facing divorce and questions of child custody, visitation and support, you are facing issues far more important than your finances. It is profoundly important to choose the right lawyer to advise and represent you in these matters. Even if the law and facts are against you, an experienced divorce attorney can make all the difference.

I am Austin, Texas, attorney Greg Gegenheimer. For more than 35 years, I have been helping clients in Central Texas, including Travis, Williamson, Hays, and Bastrop Counties with family law-related matters.


  • Top Notch Family Lawyer! In my experience they don't come any better than Greg Gegenheimer. He took over a very difficult case that was hanging by a thread and finally delivered the goods through a masterfully managed mediation that really did result in an agreement that should go a long way towards making sure that the child involved gets the level of attention that is needed. His level of clarity was like a breath of fresh air, particularly following the fog we had been in before.

    Ken L and Ellie C
  • A friend of mine advised me to call Greg to represent me in my divorce. Although they were the most difficult few months of my life, I cannot imagine going through my divorce without Greg. During a time when I felt helpless and incapable of making any decisions on my own, he constantly steered me in the right direction. He moved things forward quickly, he completely prepared me for every step in the process, and both he and his assistant, Amanda, treated me as though I were their only client. Greg is professional and knowledgeable and I highly recommend him.

    Jennifer A
  • I just wanted to tell you, now that it's all over, that you are one terrific lawyer! And to add to that, one really nice person! I like your positive, aggressive attitude. When you said to me, "I can do as well for you as any lawyer in Texas", I was impressed, relieved, and felt I could trust you. I also want to thank you for a caring, patient, and responsive persona. It meant a great deal to me. Thank you for a job well done, Greg! May you enjoy a rewarding and successful career!

    Margie M.

At my family law firm, the Law Office of Greg Gegenheimer, I represent and advise clients regarding a variety of family law issues, including:

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Decades Of Experience On Your Side

No matter what situation my clients are facing, I use every tool at my disposal, gained in my decades of legal practice, to achieve a favorable result on their behalf. I understand that my clients have hired me to solve a problem, and I work tirelessly to represent their interests, whether while negotiating or in the courtroom. I offer each one of my clients candid, straightforward legal advice to help ensure that he or she makes the right decisions during a particularly emotional time.

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