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38 Years of Divorce & Family Law Litigation Experience.
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Don’t feel alone. The emotional pain and suffering caused from a divorce are hard enough. Let Greg Gegenheimer handle your divorce, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

Child Custody & Visitation

If you are a Father or Mother, and are concerned about child support, alimony, visitation of your children, or if you are behind in your payments, call us today. Mr. Gegenheimer will fight for you.

Support Modifications

Greg Gegenheimer is an experienced Divorce Attorney. If you have alimony, child support, or visitation issues that need to be readdress post divorce, call us today.

Affordable Austin Divorce Attorney. We fight Texas style.

experienced Austin divorce attorney

Everything is Bigger in TEXAS. Including a Divorce. Gegenheimer Law has 38 years of Texas Divorce Experience.

If you are looking for an Affordable Austin Divorce Attorney, look no further. For 38 years, Greg Gegenheimer has helped hundreds of clients with their Texas Family Legal Matters. After 38 years as an Austin Divorce Attorney, Mr. Gegenheimer and his Legal Team utilize their knowledge and understanding of the Texas Legal System to fight for your rights. An Austin Family Law Firm can help you with Child Custody, Visitation, Child Support, Alimony, Property Division, and Financial issues that can arise from a Divorce. Greg Gegenheimer has devoted his time and effort to understanding Texas Family Law. His pracitce solely focuses on Family Legal matters. Divorce can cause such a large amount of financial and emotional stress. Navigating the Texas Legal system is not easy. Having an experienced Austin Divorce Attorney by your side can greatly reduce your stress and can increase your chances of coming out on top in your divorce. Do not leave your parental rights and financial rights during a divorce in the hands of your spouse. Your spouse and your spouse's attorney are looking out for their best interest. Trust Mr. Gegenheimer to fight for you, let him protect your interest. His 38 years as an Austin Divorce Lawyer and hundreds of happy clients prove that he is the right fit for you!

  • Affordable Austin Divorce

    Greg Gegenheimer and his staff understand that divorce is hard enough. We have affordable options and are willing to work with you to get you through this tough time. Call us today for a consultation. We are 100% devoted to supporting your needs and handling your concerns.

  • Austin Property Division

    Divorce is hard enough. The emotional toll that it takes on you and your family seems unbearable at times. Fighting over assets and property only fuels those negative emotions. Trust a Texas sized Lawyer to handle your Asset and Property Divorce issues. We have a high success rate.

  • One on one Professional Support

    Do not be afraid to pick up the phone and call for legal help. Our Law Firm has 38 years of experience litigating Austin Divorce Cases. Mr. Gegenheimer will handle your case personally.

  • Support modifications

    Child Support, Alimony, Custody, Asset Distribution, Property Division. More often than not these disputes change or need to be modified post divorce. Depend upon Greg Gegenheimer, as an expierenced Austin Divorce Attorney, he will fight to protect your financial rights.

Austin Divorce Attorney and Family Law Firm

Don't go through this alone. The Law Office of Greg Gegenheimer is here to help you through these tough times, every step of the way. For over 35 years, our Law Firm has handled complex property disputes, high assets divorce cases, as well as child custody and child support issues for our clients. We are an experienced Austin, Texas Divorce Attorney & Family Law Firm that understands Divorce is always bigger in Texas.
38 Years of Austin Family Law Litigation expierence

If your marriage is over and it is time for divorce, let Mr. Gegenheimer handle your case. Greg Gegnheimer has 38 years of litigation experience as an Austin Divorce Attorney. Mr. Gegenheimer is a Texan, a Family Man, and an experienced Austin Divorce Lawyer. His Austin Family Law Firm is dedicated to fighting for your rights.

protect your financial rights

As an Austin Divorce Lawyer, Greg Gegenheimer will fight to protect your financial rights. Issues like property division, the separation of savings and retirement accounts, child support, and alimony can become heated during a divorce. Let Mr. Gegenheimer and his 38 years of knowledge and experience fight for you.

We fight to protect your interests

Divorce means starting over. Ending a marriage can give both parties a clean slate. But what about all of the assets you two acquired together? Worse, what about all of the debts you to racked up? You gets what financially, and who takes responsibility for debts requires litigation and negotiation. Greg Gegenheimer will handle your case personally.

Happy & successful clients for 38 years

For almost 4 decades we have handled some of the most complex Austin Divorce cases. From High Asset divorce cases to heated Child Custody disputes, no one puts more care and effort into an Austin Divorce case than Mr. Greg Gegenheimer and his staff. Our website lists some of our client testimonials as well as our yelp reviews.

An Austin Family Law Firm that cares

Trust Greg Gegenheimer and his legal team to handle your divorce.
Greg Gegenheimer
Greg Gegenheimer
Austin Divorce Attorney
Greg Gegenheimer has over 35 years of expierence litigating Austin Divorce cases. Whether your facing a complex, high asset divorce or if your looking to settle your marriage by meditation. Trust The Law Office of Greg Gegenheimer to handle your Family Law matters.
Family Law Staff
Family Law Staff
Personal Divorce Support
Greg Gegenheimer and his legal staff understand that divorce is sad, upsetting, and mentally draining. We are here for you and for your family. We are dedicated to serving your needs. Laurie Anderson has been working as a Legal Assistant for more than 30 years. As the Office Manager for Gegenheimer Law, Laurie works hand in hand with each client, making this touch time as painless as possible. Her care for you and your family are second to none. Our Texas Family Values run deep.
Austin Divorce Lawyer
Austin Divorce Lawyer
38 Years of Expierence
Greg Gegenheimer is an Affordable Austin Divorce Attorney. He has solely focused on Texas Family Law and Austin Divorce cases for nearly 4 decades. He specializes in Child Support, Child Custody, Visitation, Parent Relocation, Support Modification, and Parental Right’s litigation.

We win austin divorce cases

Austin Divorce is our focus. Fighting for you is our passion.

Property Division. Child Support. Visitation. We've Got You Covered in Austin.

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